My Wig Collection – Alopecia

Hey this is just a random and fun video I made showing you all my wigs, 1 perk of losing my hair is changing my look all the time I guess :) x.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “My Wig Collection – Alopecia

  1. Louu Richardson

    i think you look awesome in the pink purple and blue one!!! it really suits
    you. and the long brown straight one.. you cant even tell they are wigs you
    wear them so well!

  2. Hannah Dennis - bouncybunny100

    Thank you so much :) please subscribe and share if u want to and if u like
    my vids lol x

  3. LovelySailorUranus

    Love the pink blue and purple one and the long straight brown one and the
    blonde one and many more!!! They looked amazing on you and so real <3

  4. Kaja Pirih

    2:17 <3 5:00 <3 :D!! You are so beautiful! Who cres if they arn't your
    natural are gorgeous! *o*


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