NATURAL HAIR: “EvaWigs Afro Curly Full Lace Wigs” $20 coupon code: Kinkycurlycoil

NATURAL HAIR: coupon code: Kinkycurlycoil” src=”” />

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14 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR: “EvaWigs Afro Curly Full Lace Wigs” $20 coupon code: Kinkycurlycoil

  1. Kinkycurlycoil

    Side-eyed it from the beginning, but you made it look amazing, bet you got
    everyone buying it. ?

  2. solarlolax

    when the wig first came out of the box i was like omgosh, is this a joke..?
    then you styled it and it looks sooooo amazzzzzinggg. its looks beautiful
    on you?

  3. luvnmycoils

    You did wonders with that wig! Looks beautiful on you. Can you show us
    more pics of it styled in a bantu knot-out? This is how I would wear it!
    Thanks for sharing!?

  4. queen bee

    right b4u put on the wig- & u showd yur face–all i thot was–this woman
    is STUPID GORGEOUS! [without tht wig!!!] but i kno-i kno–we gotta hav
    our wigs! i jus thot id let u kno tht. :)?

  5. Eva Wigs

    Enjoy diva Kinkycurlycoil style #Afro curly wig into different hairstyles
    through #Bantu knot out skills! Love? ?

  6. LaTonya Ali

    Did the unit convert back after the all twist and bantu knot outs? I am
    purchasing one and would like to know before I do any manipulations to the

  7. Bbeautiful365

    Mine did not turn out as kinky out the box. Did you have wavy strands or
    thin strands? I did. I may send it back. Did you spray and wash it and it
    became more kinky??

  8. wylette brown

    I just had 2 stop the video because I knew that this wig was going 2 look
    very pretty on u so natural looking u & the rest of the YT sold me this
    unit this is one of the wigs that I shall buy ps thanks 4 the coupon code
    $20 helps a lot.?


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