Natural Hair Talk: Tips for Maintaining and Retaining while wearing extensions and wigs (requested)

THUMBS UP VIDEO. So this topic was a subscriber request. Feel free to submit questions via the comment section, Twitter or my Blog I’ve personally had no setbacks…

24 thoughts on “Natural Hair Talk: Tips for Maintaining and Retaining while wearing extensions and wigs (requested)

  1. octavia gales

    I struggle with Breakage an shedding. My hair even moisturized is still
    pretty fragile. Idk what to do…. right now Im wearing wigs.?

  2. afeni morse

    I really appreciate your advice. I’ve been working on my hair for about
    2years now and it’s been a long journey. The tips you suggested are going
    to be very beneficial for me as I continue in my natural hair journey.
    Thank you so much!?

  3. Ardean Clarke

    Love this vid, I’m kind of late on the wig scene, building my arsenal in
    preparation for returning to school. I really needed the tip about the
    spandex wig cap. Have only warn a wig twice as a dress rehearsal, each time
    I did the GHE/baggy method. I water wash only, and have sebum coverage I
    don’t use anything other than flaxseed gel ( no oil added). Each time my
    hair remained moisturized, hoping for the same results after prolonged use.
    I agree, for me, there is no need to sleep in a wig. ?

  4. Deborah Rainbow

    Your video has great tips. I just bought my first wig and you covered many
    of the questions I have. I am using wigs as my protective style while I
    grow out my TWA. ?

  5. 1dalencia

    Hello I have scalp psoriasis, but not the worst case where as my hair would
    fall out just over production of oil . I cant use any kind of oil on or
    near my scalp area. Ive heard of coconut oil being used directly on the
    scalp for this condition however it has to be 100 % organic. I do have some
    but find that during warmer seasons putting oil on my scalp is not
    necessary. I wear protective braids or marley twist my own hair. I want to
    try wigs but am unsure of how my scalp would react to being suffocated. Do
    you know of anyone who wears wigs with this condition??

  6. Jessica Monet Holman

    Hello, I have a question. My hair is natural and I am planing to get my
    first lace wig that I am thinking of sewing on. As far as the health of my
    natural hair is concerned, is this a good idea? My hair does well in
    regular sew-ins installed for long periods of time. Do you think removing
    the wig once a month to wash/condition/deep condition my will be
    sufficient? Thanks?

  7. Shay Pierre

    Maintaining mositure, my hair always looks dry but I will try curl
    activating products. thank you, God bless x?

  8. DivinePlaymate

    My struggle is both retaining length and my dry scalp. I actually developed
    dermatitis from a severe allergic reaction to lace front glue I had which
    urged me to go natural. I am now relearning my 4c hair and its so damn
    difficult. I feel like it needs constant attention ugh! But your advice
    helps so much thank you for educating!!

  9. rocketowl1115

    My struggle is retaining length which I’m learning is due to lack of
    sufficient moisture. I am upping my moisture game now!

  10. PiscesPooh

    have u ever made a wig?? im looking for a specific look but cant find it,
    but dont know how to make one

  11. lovlei

    The biggest struggle I have with my hair is excessive breakage. You are so
    right about the neglect and lack of moisture! I will definitely have to try
    the Hawaiian Silky Activator

  12. Andrea Harris

    My issue is dry hair, which brings other offset issues like ssk, frizzy
    ends. But I did get some Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 and I must say that shit is
    the bomb, hair making a turn around already!


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