NEW WIG?April Lace Wigs Review

NEW WIG?April Lace Wigs Review

Loving my new silky 180% density unit from April Lace Wigs! Yes, I purchased this wig with my own money, I was NOT sent this wig from the company to review a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 thoughts on “NEW WIG?April Lace Wigs Review

  1. Duchess C

    They need to send you free wigs to review. you do a GREAT job reviewing!!!
    Very detailed and quality video. thanks for sharing. ?

  2. alice smith

    wow,thanks for your review,looks really charming and pretty on u,u did an
    excellent job~~~ i will introduce aprillacewig to my friends,will give
    more chances to aprillacewig,,thanks.i love this wig also~~?

  3. salvarez8

    their silk units are nice i purchased 2 I’ve had the first one for four
    months I wear it all the time it’s still going strong it did shed until i
    sealed the knots?

  4. Nes M

    I was on the fence about getting a silky texture but it looks fab on you so
    I’m going for it. Light yaki constantly tangled on me. It seemed like
    vendors are sending out trash hair. Thanks for sharing.?

  5. rdc197810

    Have you thought about a bleach bath for your old wig? I have never done
    it on a virgin hair unit, but I’ve done it on human indian hair and it
    really helped?

  6. Ky Madison

    How tall are you ? Want to know where my wig will fall on me im 5’6 . I’m
    going to order normal density and add bundles for fullness . I got a lace
    wig from sassy secret and added 2 bundles and I have light shedding I love
    the fullness of my wig after installing the bundles. ?

  7. Amor Renee

    Girl! You look so hot at the end. Werk it girl lol. This unit is pretty. I
    have to ask because I don’t know where to search back in the video to get
    the answer did you say your lace was light medium brown on this unit? And
    which red lippie are you wearing it looks great on you!?

  8. MedusaEyes00

    DAMN GIRL THANK YOU for this review especially the part about the color of
    the lace .I was wavering about what color to buy and this really helped.
    How would you compare to RPGshow straight wig??

  9. Cool Cindia

    hello? here. can you tell more about this wig? what’s the hair type…or
    something others? coz i bought from them, it is good, actually i am wearing
    it. but I’d like to have try other wigs from much is it? i am
    students in fact, no money to waste….more research….?

  10. Clarissa A

    would you tell us how much it was in total? aprilacewigs don’t
    automatically calculate the total like other companies, you have to
    download a form and send it or something like that…?


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