New Wig Site, Lace Wig Advice, Mumsy Stops in

Check out these great sites I have full permisson to use all songs being played in my video, vocals by TheOoLaLaShow here on YouTube
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24 thoughts on “New Wig Site, Lace Wig Advice, Mumsy Stops in

  1. hwiseman1

    She’s adorable. Didn’t wanna say “hi,” but she sure flipped around her braids and gave that side-shot . Lil diva in the making. Precious!!!

  2. MsFelicia1975

    girl i just luv u! i waan be a wig diva like u… Don’t know what the i’m doing. R u in the Chicago land? And by the way ur baby is soooo cute :)…

  3. kiya221988

    Well it’s been over a year since you’ve posted this…but try, she is also on youtube. She has great techniques for applying lace and making baby hairs, and she also has her own products.

  4. ladywallace5

    hey diva hows it going i have a question how do you wash the echo wig where it will keep the spirals curly let me know what products you use on it i have the hera from the janet collection their similair in style so thanks in advance for your help

  5. daricnd

    omggg she looks exactly like her dad heyyy,i jst watch ur other video wer he was in it!!!i luuuuv u april
    xxoo 4rm da uk

  6. sandratcurtis

    OMG!!!! Your baby girl is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Just like her mommy!!
    I just had to let you know. She is precious, and I could smooch on her all day!!
    I love love love your videos too! You have helped me soooo much!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  7. CoCo8053

    I just seen a video like that her name is msmwood1. she did the same as you but she used the tremme tresstwo for the extra hold for the baby hair. I was tryna find the video for you but i couldn’t find it. Hope i helped ya mayb you will have


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