Newest Wig Additions on LHB Vivica Fox, O Zone & More.mpg

The Luxurious Hair Boutique has done it again with some NEW additions to they’re website. One of them being the Vivica Fox wigs. Which are Beautiful to me. Make sure you stop by the LHB to check out they’re new wigs and accessories Vivica Fox Kylie Lace Front: O Zone Cara Lace Front: O Zone Raquel Lace Front: PLease make sure to check out Robin Many Faces of Make sure to follow me on Twitter: FaceBook Diva Fan page: My Space: DISCLAIMER:.All products shown threw out this video were given to me to review by the LHB I am in no way affiliated with Vivica Fox Products or O Zone products, I am however the new Beauty Ambassador for LHB. All comments and statements are of my OWN and are in no way intended to offend any persons or companies, ALL COMMENTS & STATEMENTS are my TRUE HONEST opinions & Reveiws. All Music heard threw out this video (intro & outro) is my own personal music remixed and made for me which I own the rights to all lyrics and beats being used , thank you

14 thoughts on “Newest Wig Additions on LHB Vivica Fox, O Zone & More.mpg

  1. MakeHerUp135


    I am about to purchase my first lace front wig. I cut my locs off about 6 months ago. Your channel has really helped me. Thanks! Muah Muah (fabulous double air kiss, lol)

    Check out my page for Eye Makeup Tutorials

  2. bluspring

    hi april,

    do you happen to have LHB’s Jazmine? She looks really cute and is currently sold out. I would love some input from you before I spend that kind of money on the wig!

  3. tampet4

    April, I love your wig reviews. This is early morning of my birthday and in true diva fashion, where am I? On Luxurious Hair Boutique finalizing the purchases on Vivica and Beverly wigs for my BDay! Love this hair on you. Thanks for sharing!

  4. TheSexyPurple1

    Hey April, Happy Belated Bday! Love your videos and that Friday Night Hair is hot!! It is so pretty. Thanks for keeping us Divalicious!!

  5. kat21sd

    hey April how are you so I got the ultra Hold lace glue it seems to never dry its been hrs since I applied it & it still sticky around my edges do you think it may have something to do with my skin ..thanks for your help ,love this curly hair on you

  6. NykiLuv

    I love LHB…i really want to get the charm bracelets that they have, they are freaking gorgeous!! Can’t wait for the O-Zone wig reviews, i’ve been eyeing them too!!

  7. booghaun

    Hey! Love the vids!! Quick question: I’m in the process of choosing some wigs @LHB, which brand has the soft lace? I know you mentioned OZONE, but are there any others?
    Thanks for your time!!!
    Keep up the excellent work!!


    That necklace cranks…I don’t wear necklaces because I have this weird thing about having something around my neck but it’s super pretty. That pearl bracelet rocks too….you have some d@mn good taste.

  9. shawnreed25

    you look great as always, hey don’t you have an elephant that be on your shelf in the back? something is different lol .


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