Nicki Minaj Sued for 30 Million Over WIGS! Huh?

For all your music needs ?? Nicki Minaj’s Real Hair ?? Nicki Minaj’s former wig maker wigs out with a hefty l…
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20 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Sued for 30 Million Over WIGS! Huh?

  1. OTM Channel - Peter H.

    Misty! Make vid about Nicki’s new single with Romeo Santos animales! Check
    out verse with pitch :/ on my channel 😉 listen to full song on sharebeast?

  2. kessy minaj

    its just pure fuckry…. he ain’t getting shit. its just waste of time,
    breath and stupid people attention. Trying to disgrace Nicki ain’t gonna
    make u shine, its just gonna make u a big joke. that’s dunce and illiterate
    to sue someone over what simple can work out and give u both money in the
    pocket. Nicki don’t even godda sell them wings cause her money rolling in
    like its the #brinks!!!?

  3. teambarbie4life

    this whole thing is ridiculous Terrance is just being greedy and even if
    nicki did steal his ideas 30 mill is too much! stay pressed Terrance ?

  4. willie white

    This nigga Terrence must be hella pressed. This broke ass pathetic ass
    nigga suing for ten times his net worth. We’ve all been thinking it, so
    I’m just gonna say. Terrence, you a lookin ass nigga.?


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