Nicki Minaj Sued — Her Hair Guy Wigs Out

The guy who credits himself for making Nicki Minaj a bizarre spectacle is now suing the rapper, claiming she stole his wig designs and cheated him out of mil…
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14 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Sued — Her Hair Guy Wigs Out

  1. SweetDiaries?

    Suing her for 30 million is absolutely ridiculous, but it could happen if
    he has a very good lawyer…
    People get millions over the dumbest lawsuits, like this one woman who sued
    McDonald for making her fat, LOL.?

  2. jordan jko

    This is bs hes mad because she fired his ass, and he aint maken as much
    money as he was with workin with her. how you gone say somebody talked you
    out of something? huh? i dont get it., he clearly doesn’t have self-control
    or a back bone to say the least, and im pretty sure he was getting paid i
    mean why would work for free? he want win this case ?


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