Paloma | Ep. 3 of 4 | Feat. Grace Gummer | WIGS

Paloma | Ep. 3 of 4 | Feat. Grace Gummer | WIGS

Watch Episode 4 now: “Paloma”: Episode 3 of 4 — “Fall”: After a heated argument, Tiago is the jealous one. Subscribe to WIGS on YouTu…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “Paloma | Ep. 3 of 4 | Feat. Grace Gummer | WIGS

  1. Shekira Hanley

    when he spilt the thing on her dress the whole time i’m like oh no he
    didn’t if that were me hmm child he would live to regret that

  2. dwb4be

    this guy looks like he’s going to become abusive; if paloma is smart,
    she’ll walk before things get more involved. i’ll give the series a few
    more episodes, but so far it’s not of the same quality as lauren or blue.

  3. Dominic

    Its actually really good so far in my opinion. It shows the subtleties of
    the boringness and ups and downs of relationships.

  4. em12may

    my goodness, he’s utterly vile. why do films constantly depict women who
    are head over heels for men without a single redeemable quality. I just
    don’t understand. Don’t stand there and scream “I got it” like a maniac –
    just say “you’re dumped” two quick words, not difficult, and less annoying.

  5. jazziefizzil

    Its like i cant fully grasp what this is about. But they are cute together
    and it all just makes me want to watch more!


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