Platinum Wigs and Demetria McKinney When The Peaches Are PITS

Tired… It’s off my chest and now I can resume my life without holding the bag for morally bankrupt people. I apologize to my true followers. I am cleaning …

17 thoughts on “Platinum Wigs and Demetria McKinney When The Peaches Are PITS

  1. PhillyzJamPoet

    I’m reading your comments and I’m glad that so many of you are doing your
    homework. I wish I could reply to you all! Thank you for all the love,
    prayers, and support! #StayFly?

  2. Bre Jukes

    This literally brought me to tears. You such a beautiful person inside and
    outside I have watched your videos for a while now and you give me life.
    Your spirit shines so bright my sister. I am praying for peace in the mist
    of the storm. My bbf’s cousin past from lupus at age 30-32 I think and you
    remind me so much of her. She would give her last for friends and family.
    Just as you said. Be blessed sister.?

  3. Nedra Williams

    Lord have Mercy!!! Jam please don’t work yourself in a a tizzy, Sometimes
    We have to take the higher road,I never knew it was this bad! PW will not
    Another dime of my people money,I directed them to your you tube for
    information. It’s hard to turn the other cheek I know this personally. A
    person. Got me for 600.00 and I was sooooo worked up I got sick. So stay
    who you are and don’t give up! Say Namaste and live your life. God bless

  4. Alicia Johnson

    OMG, I am so sorry that you have gone through so much. I started watching
    your videos years ago you taught me how to do my hair better. It is
    ridiculous that people are so cruel and heartless. I love your strength and
    I’m so sad that you have stumbled upon such horrible times. I love you and
    I pray that God would continue to enlarge your territory and keep you
    lifted. God bless you?

  5. divinedelta85

    Im so sorry for you loss….I lost a sorority sister a week ago and will
    miss her much….that is a difficult road. I know stress can degrade your
    body, mind, and spirit… it now… do you and pray for thoses
    who would do you harm. Remember –no weapon formed against you will prosper.
    I will keep you in prayer. You have taught me so much as I started wearing
    wigs due to the stress of people at work and me filing 2 EEO cases. My hair
    started falling out and breaking off. So thank you for sharing Jam with me.
    You helped me figure out how to still be Diva! :-)?

  6. Veronica Johnson

    I am so sorry that you’re going through so much pain. I think you’re a
    wonderful person. Your videos have taught me so much. Because of your
    videos and advice, my natural hair is 15 inches long and still growing.
    You are a true inspiration to us all. Keep fighting the Good fight and
    know that God WILL bless and come through for you as you have done for so
    many others. You have my love and prayers always. Hugs from PA!!!! ?

  7. CherieMonique

    Jam… Usually I don’t say anything but I felt compelled to write because
    you have gone through so much. I appreciate all the work that you’ve done,
    all the energy and positivity that you put into your channel, and all the
    love you show to us subscribers. Your heart is pure and there’s no denying
    it when I watch your videos. That kind of light attracts the good and the
    bad and I am so sorry that the triflin’-azz bad is dragging you down. I’d
    love to see your face on a more regular basis again but, to be honest, I
    know that comes with dealing with more of these triflin’/ thirsty people
    who just wanna get something out of you. Your physical and mental
    well-being are far more important to me than all that. You cannot carry
    this burden and this stress any longer. You have done enough by letting us
    know of Ms. McKinney’s poor behavior AND that the folks over at Platinum
    Wigs are not above board. We will take over from here and spread the word.
    Please take care of yourself. HUGS from L.A.?

  8. anaturalcurlygrl07

    I’m sooo very sorry you are going through this. I know this is so cliché
    but please believe with all your heart that your storm is God forming you
    into what He wants you to be!! You must be a very strong individual to
    handle this storm since October and God knows it! Your sun will shine so
    bright that NOBODY can dim it or even attempt to. I am sitting here in
    tears because I can truly feel you even though it is through a phone. I’m
    praying for you and your family so God can guide you through this. I know
    that Lupus is a horrible disease and stress is one of the top reasons the
    flares emerge. Please, Jam don’t let them take your joy and peace. I
    appreciate you for letting us see a glimpse of your world. That you for
    sharing your beauty and advice/ideas! Thank you for creating one of the
    REALEST channels on youtube. You got much love from here!!!!! ?

  9. dynamicdst8

    I am glad that you were able to release. You shouldn’t have to hold it in
    at the expense of self. You are an awesome friend and still have loyal
    subscribers that love you. Please continue to inspire and uplift us with
    your lovely spirit and humor!!!!! ?

  10. Metamorphysis Evolution

    Dearest PJP,
    You’re true name should be Phylliz Jam Warrior. This recent post caught my
    attention because finally I was able to see, hear and feel the woman who is
    all about being honest, good and true. I know about you, but I don’t KNOW
    you. To sit here and watch you for 30 minutes has empowered me to go out
    and help others with illnesses that are beyond their control. I a woman who
    has suffered with Alopecia Areata since the age of 6, is immensely filled
    with gratitude of your page, for it has personally helped me not to go out
    into the world looking a hot mess. But when you revealed the shocking news
    about the owner of Platinum Wigs and did my research that you’ve advised, I
    was shockingly floored. Because of this news, I will not be purchasing the
    Virgin Brazilian Wave unit you debuted with JReady 11 months ago but to ask
    you for three things:
    1. Since you’ve had this unit for a year, how has it held up?
    2. Could you PLEASE recommend unit exactly like this but from another
    company and do a tutorial on it soon? I plan to buy a unit soon for fall.
    3. If you cannot find a unit like this, could you please have JREADY
    contact me about making me a unit EXACTLY like Virgin Brazilian Wave and
    give an estimate?

    I want to thank you so much for everything throughout the years, I’m
    normally one of your subscribers who’s quiet and watch you from afar. I
    hope that you will continue to do posts like these because I’m very sure
    that besides giving advice on units that myself and all of your subscribers
    want to know how you’re doing and also the fight against Lupus.

    All my hugs and devotion,
    Metamorphysis Evolution?

  11. Ashley Ford

    This video made me so sad because from the first time I saw a video of
    yours I could see your good heart. And you’ve continued to show and prove
    that heart. You have so many followers that love you and take encouragement
    and joy from your videos. God Bless and stay strong, stay YOU because you
    make a difference in so many people’s lives. Please take care.?

  12. Alexandra Carlson

    +PhillyzJamPoet OMG I am shocked as to all the things you’ve been going
    through. My mom as a very good friend who works for the IRS. I think she
    would be able to point you in the right direction. Additionally, my mom is
    in Atlanta and know an attorney who may be able to help. She had a very
    media public case and he was amazing. I have watched you for almost a year
    and you have helped me grow my hair back and survive PTSD. I’ve never
    commented before so if my information can help hit me back at my handle @ I’m praying for you. ?

  13. SoFrolushesTV

    wow. so much for you to deal with. Thank God you can get it all off your
    chest and move forward. It is also good to know that you are in control of
    your life and not the companies who require your assistance x stay blessed

  14. Dena Williams

    i understand what you are talking about,when i wanted to purchase the
    platinum wig swoop bang on your blog you texted me back and said that it
    was sold already, I decided to go to the site and buy 1….O ! M ! F^CKING
    G!…the wig they sent me ??? the BANG must have been cut by some
    preschooler and the texture was TOTALLY “NOT” YAKI….I tried to contact
    them to complain some man answered the PHONE (more than once) and was told
    they were not in the office yet and i would call and call but never got to
    speak with someone to complain that (I WOULD NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN)
    because you took my money and gave me CRAP.?

  15. Isis Mawu

    Be encouraged I have been a subscriber since I started YouTube.. You have
    inspired me so much, I especially love your honesty on the units/company’s
    that you do business with.. It really helps me as a full lace wearer, and I
    too have bought from many units from different companies with my own money,
    so your honest reviews help so much.. I also have SLE, Discoid Lupus, and
    Fibromyalgia… Keep raising awareness, you have truly inspired me. I too
    am from Jackson, Ms.. Thanks so much Jam!! Be encouraged, your true
    followers got you..?


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