Platinum Wigs Big Body Wave Review

Platinum Wigs Big Body Wave Review

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10 thoughts on “Platinum Wigs Big Body Wave Review

  1. Myjaedah Ballard

    Oh Josie my dear sister lol. I plan to purchase this unit 100% based off of
    your review. I’ve watched this vid so many times because I so love how it
    looks on you! Can you please tell me the current state of this unit? I know
    you’ve moved on since this one, but I’ve been searching for a decent
    inexpensive unit with this wave in it. It always come back to this one.
    This will be my very 1st LF and I don’t want no drama.. praying for good
    news lol.?

  2. Nikki3100

    It looks nice on you. I ordered a wig from this company and it was one of
    the worst I have purchased. It shed like crazy and the soft yaki was very
    hard and tangled. But the wig cap construction was by far the best I have
    had, Maybe I got a bad wig.

  3. chocoloc1980

    Have to agree with Nikki3100, good cap construction, but shredded like no
    one’s business, and the hair was extremely thin

  4. Yasmin Aden

    I got 2 soft yaki bang wigs from platinum wigs – but I can’t figure out how
    to style the bang. Any tips for a beginner?

  5. Mary Z

    OMG, I have that same unit and only was able to use it for not even a
    month.. After Fray block sealing my knots the hair shed like no other!! I
    always alternate my units but this one was just a mess right out the
    box…. I’m glad yours is nice tho… Platinum needs to get it together…


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