Protective Braids Under Wigs (Tutorial)

OPEN ME FOR INFO GIRL LOL* Hey everyone! In this video I show exactly how I braid my hair under my wigs. I do not bun too often any more so wigs are my curr…
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15 thoughts on “Protective Braids Under Wigs (Tutorial)

  1. Azara Gore

    Do you have any tips/suggestions for getting rid of dandruff? I live in
    Florida and no matter how many times I wash my hair a week (or how little,
    it’s normally only on Sundays) with moisturizers and the sort to keep
    natural oils in my hair to keep it from drying I cannot for the life of me
    get rid of it. And it tends to get embarrassing when I’m just rubbing my
    scalp and the flakes fall, I feel like I’m in a snow globe or something.?

  2. kayley0542

    I don’t see enough relaxed hair girls making videos on here! Im glad I
    finally found one! Im tired of seeing all these people on youtube bashing
    hair relaxers, it’s just hair and we should all respect that! Not everyone
    can maintain their natural hair and I for one am one of them! I cannot get
    a comb through my roots even when wet and product added!

    Anyway, I definitely will be trying this when it gets a little colder out,
    I just picked up 2 wigs and I’m yet to try them! My hair is about the same
    length as yours but its just too thick to dry completely when braided
    whilst wet without using any heat. Usually takes 2 days+ to dry and by then
    it’s just annoying to have damp hair and sleeping on a towel lol. I’ll
    comment back and let you know how it goes! Thanks for this video again!

  3. obrnc09

    What you ladies who don’t understand is that when you manipulate your own
    hair daily you cause breakage if you want to be versatile with your look.
    You have to give your hair a break if you want to maintain your length and
    keep a relaxer. I too have lovely hair which actually became much
    healthier, thicker, AND longer when I started wearing wigs and giving it a
    break. It’s HER personal choice to wear wigs and it has nothing to do with
    being a woman of color or not having nice hair. And telling her she doesn’t
    need them (which is obvious) is a waste of time because once you start
    wearing them and see how much healthier your own hair becomes because of it
    IF you wear them appropriately you actually get addicted! Actually a lot of
    the girls on YouTube that I subscribe to that get their wig on have lovely
    hair! It’s a great example. Wig does not equal bald. Love it Megz keep
    doing your thing girl. Hey Wig!!?

  4. PetiteElefant ASMR

    I’ve never had wigs/weave before but I love watching people install them!
    (The ASMR in me I suppose.) Very good and healthy tutorial to keep your
    hair moisturised under the wig! Also, you had SUCH a sweet voice!!! ily :D?

  5. Nia Roberts

    I have a question, so I recently did a quick weave in which she put a
    plastic cap over my head and I wore it for about two weeks. The problem is
    my hair was completely moist which I think caused breakage , How could I
    prevent that.?

  6. inquizative44

    I don’t get it, her hair was beautiful without the wig. I really don’t
    understand, an what pretty young black woman. I thought women wear wigs
    because their hair is messed up. I’m just a man, who doesn’t understand.?

  7. Andrea Conley

    Megz, I am almost three years natural now and I love braiding my hair under
    my wigs. When I was relaxed I braided my hair under my wigs and because I
    kept it braided, it really grew out and helps reduce breakage. What is the
    big deal?, she can wear a wig if she wants to. I like the idea of having a
    different hair style without damaging my own hair. Geez!?


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