QUICK FIX-Revive Your Human Hair Wig/Weave with Olive Oil

So this is my cheapy quick fix to reviving my wigs from the dead lol it’s not hard to do and I hope this helps you as much as it helps me! Keywords: wigs olive oil revive conditioner restore human hair garbagefullofglam victorias secret so sexy balance

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7 Responses to QUICK FIX-Revive Your Human Hair Wig/Weave with Olive Oil

  1. bbhaitiana says:

    Thank you so much? ! My hair looks so great ! I never thought bout it and i use olive oil on my skin too, cant believe i didnt think bout it on my hair! 😀

  2. GarbageFullOfGlam says:

    @Msbubblepopelectric1 any sort of indirect? heat and moisture i.e moisture conditioner, olive oil would totally revive those extensions-just give it a go and let me know how it goes doll :)

  3. Msbubblepopelectric1 says:

    i was wondering if this kind of technique would? work with hair extensions ? x

  4. CoolWoman98 says:

    How did you get thoes pretty curls in that hair?? I love it!


    @GarbageFullOfGlam? I’m telling you gurll ~

  6. GarbageFullOfGlam says:

    @TAYLORSBOOTYHOLE thanx gorgeous!! I should do that cause lord knows I’ve had like 80 different hair styles within the past two? years!! lol should be fun!

  7. Open says:

    KiwiluverDavey!!!! I’m so excited! You shluod be in drag for that show! That’d be reallllly awesome! And then take pictures and post them on your blog! Omg thatd be FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! Pleaaaasssseeee <3

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