QUICK FIX-Revive Your Human Hair Wig/Weave with Olive Oil

So this is my cheapy quick fix to reviving my wigs from the dead lol it’s not hard to do and I hope this helps you as much as it helps me! Keywords: wigs olive oil revive conditioner restore human hair garbagefullofglam victorias secret so sexy balance

7 thoughts on “QUICK FIX-Revive Your Human Hair Wig/Weave with Olive Oil

  1. bbhaitiana

    Thank you so much? ! My hair looks so great ! I never thought bout it and i use olive oil on my skin too, cant believe i didnt think bout it on my hair! 😀

  2. GarbageFullOfGlam

    @Msbubblepopelectric1 any sort of indirect? heat and moisture i.e moisture conditioner, olive oil would totally revive those extensions-just give it a go and let me know how it goes doll :)

  3. GarbageFullOfGlam

    @TAYLORSBOOTYHOLE thanx gorgeous!! I should do that cause lord knows I’ve had like 80 different hair styles within the past two? years!! lol should be fun!

  4. Open

    KiwiluverDavey!!!! I’m so excited! You shluod be in drag for that show! That’d be reallllly awesome! And then take pictures and post them on your blog! Omg thatd be FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! Pleaaaasssseeee <3


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