Quick Tip: Securing Wigs Without Glue/Tape

Blahdeblahbleepbleepbloop… Everything is explained in the video. :) The wig is from here: www.bestremywigs.com Other interesting stuff is here Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Personal Channel: www.youtube.com Professional, business, or media inquires only: media@petrilude.com Drag Stuff is here: Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com YouTube: www.youtube.com
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17 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Securing Wigs Without Glue/Tape

  1. RoseTintedNerd

    Thank you so much,? this is so helpful. I have to dress as a clown for my work and my wig is a nuisance. xxx

  2. 1960Plague

    Thank You for sharing that tip? sug!!…Nobody should be judge’n you at all, or their just a drunk on hate-r-aid..>.< ..LOL!!..Peace Out.

  3. cosmiccandy

    This is what I do? with my wigs too! I cut the combs off the wigs and use those little grips to attach to the stocking cap. And besides, I think it’s better than glue or tape, especially if people are likely to apply those products directly to their hairline. Good vid!

  4. HoneyLaBronx

    Thanks, Petrilude! Though I? have to say — I’ve tried this a couple of times and I don’t know why, but those tights just slip RIGHT off my head. No matter how tight I tie them. Even if I tie them HEADACHE tight! Any ideas?


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