Quick Tip: Skin Part on Wigs

Quick Tip: Skin Part on Wigs

just a quick tip on how you can make your wigs look a little more like they’re your actual hair. Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Personal Channel: www.youtube.com Requests: josh@petrilude.com BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: media@petrilude.com
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15 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Skin Part on Wigs

  1. Mrslonely96

    Lmfao I do this alllll the time on all my wigs that aren’t lace! Especially on my ones with bangs! And people always think its a sew in :) I never say it isn’t lmao at shake and go lmao? :) I love your eyeshadow

  2. Jimmy Williams

    Love love love all of your tips and videos, I am pretty new to wearing makeup and i want to? try drag, your videos are very helpful and i really appreciate your honesty..Amazing.

  3. carmencolumbusohio

    First off i LOVE your vids, you seem like a really? nice person. Most queens are bitches :) But that wig is AMAZING! too cute


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