(Re-Upload) Review of Freetress Equal Lacefront Wig Tori

This video is a review on Freetress Equal Lacefront Wig Tori in color F33/32/240. I purchased the unit with my own money. This video was filmed in June 2010 on the same day that “Tori” arrived in the mail. E-bay Seller where I bought “Tori” from: stores.ebay.com Pleasefeel free to chime in with comments…lol. Also, don’t forget to subscribe on your way out too! Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com I also tweet from the official WEtv Twitter account… twitter.com Read my official blog: bridezillamartina.blogspot.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 thoughts on “(Re-Upload) Review of Freetress Equal Lacefront Wig Tori

  1. BridgeBsmilin

    Thanks for your great reviews & tutorials… They are SUPER? informative & I’ve checked out a good many (other) videos, lol! 😉 I know I’m a little late in asking this, but can you tell me if the part is right/left sided, or freestyle? I’ve been stuck with this prob before, since I only can go middle or slight left (but NOT right). You know how we be looking ridiculous, TRYING to make ‘the opposite side’ part work, when it’s just NOT meant to be =P
    BTW, you look gorgeous in this color!! =)

  2. BridezillaMartina

    Also, I would say add some? extra baby hair in. That’s what I did. I have a tutorial on my channel. It is in the wig tutorial playlist.

  3. BridezillaMartina

    I either wear my hair conrowed back of just slick it back in a low ponytail and then bobby pin it down flat. I then put on my wig cap. I have a loooooot of thick hair too. I think if you are getting? a hump you can try bobby pinning that area down under the wig cap. Or you should probably do smaller cornrows to make the hair lay flatter under your wigs. Thanks for watching.

  4. brooke williams

    Thanks for the great post! I need help though with Tori! I barely have any baby hair, am I suppose to back comb her to? make them “pop”? Also how are you wearing your real hair underneath? I have a lot of really thick natural hair that I cornrow back but I feel like there is a small hump in the top?! I need help hooking her up, I’d like to wear her to Cali next week!

  5. whili19

    Thanks for the? video! Question – does the lace look really unnatural with unbleachable knots? I find that synthetic lacefronts have lace that makes your scalp look crazy. What’s it like on Tori? Thanks!

  6. BridezillaMartina

    I don’t ,? but I have one of me putting on “Estelle” by freetress. I use the same method in that video to apply the wig. Thanks for watching.

  7. EbonyEthereal

    i do have quite a noggin, too:) woop woop!? thnx for the heads up on everything, i’m totally getting this wig. ^_^

  8. BridezillaMartina

    Thanks.She is my favorite wig of them all. I will be getting her in a few other colors myself. She wore realllly well. The ends have just now started to get a little frizzy and I have had her for over a year. If I flat iron her the frizz is smoothed though. I say go for her. The cap size is nice too. Especially if you have a big head? like myself lol.

  9. EbonyEthereal

    oh no, love, thanks for showing. goodness. i have half a mind to buy it in blonde, red, AND black, just for good measure. srsly. it’s soooooo beyond beautiful on you.
    did it wear well? like, are the ends still fresh? etc? cuz if it lasts too, then i think i actually will get 3 shades, lol.

  10. BridezillaMartina

    I say? try it. You never know until you try. Plus it is kinda fun to switch it up. Thanks for watching.

  11. EbonyEthereal

    tht hair is? so damn beautiful. smh.
    i’m sooooo buying that. <3 u look gorgeous. i might even try blonde cuz of how pretty that is, & i'm usually either a redhead or jet black girl.

  12. mazviebabie

    hun you are so so beautiful and the way you pull of this style is amazing am on the hunt for this unit now and it will? be my first synthy l just hope l will find it you know being on the other side of the pond and all…thanx for doing this vid x

  13. etaylor781

    I like the baby hair. It makes the lacefront hairline? look realistic. Must look like helmets because people leave that thick straight helmet hairline. I think it looks great!

  14. BridezillaMartina

    This wig came with some baby hair already. However, I added more and tweezed the hairline. Thanks for? watching.


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