Review – Wigs By CC – Leanna T4503/1001

Hey Wiglets!!! This week I’m doing another wig review!!! Wigs By CC contacted me and sent me this GORGEOUS silver grey wig for me to review and play with!! I…

10 thoughts on “Review – Wigs By CC – Leanna T4503/1001

  1. Gav OnRS

    Can you explain what the point of the lace on the front is actually for? I
    don’t do drag or plan on it, but I never understood what it was actually
    for ?

  2. crazypretty

    What a gorgeous wig! I’ve seen several reviews on the Wigs by CC and am
    considering purchasing a few. Would love to see how you styled this!?

  3. Arabia Felix

    Hey gorgeous! I came across your channel about a month ago and I’m loving
    your tutorials, watching one everyday like a tv show lol! I have question,
    I was wondering if you ever used the ink color method to dye synthetic
    wigs, if so, I would it be possible to do a tutorial on it. None of the
    videos on YouTube made sense, I’ve always known the technique but it just
    doesn’t happen with me. Anyways take care dear and love the wig :D?


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