Ro — Behind the Scenes | WIGS

Ro -- Behind the Scenes | WIGS

“Ro” Behind-The-Scenes: We get the rundown on “Ro” from Melonie Diaz, Mattie Brickman, Patricia Cardoso, and more. Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! http:/…

6 thoughts on “Ro — Behind the Scenes | WIGS

  1. JaiUneGuruDeja

    All of the guys in? Ro were over the top. Each one them took me out of the fantasy. My disbelief was no longer suspended. But, the female lead was really captivating. Couldn’t get enough of her.

  2. cierrablue

    WIGS, ignore the haters and the critics. Just keep doing EXACTLY what you’re doing. Everything needs balance, a little light-hearted fun to go with the emotionally powerful and epic…. people are just too greedy. They want every emotion, right? now, delivered the way THEY want it. And they wonder why they are miserable or lonely. People should stop with the emotional demands and learn to go with the flow.

  3. Charles Guzman

    The broadcast quality is amazing and incredible, but the whole idea behind chipping away at the whole and leaving off for months is a frustrating thing. Then you do a “season two” of a show and all we get are more short bursts of a story. Maybe it’s just how I prefer my stories, but I sincerely hope that you add more length and give us (the audience) some conclusions. Life is unstable enough without entertainment? becoming just another ‘text message’


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