Ro | Ep. 2 of 6 | Feat. Melonie Diaz | WIGS

“Ro”: Episode 2 of 6 — “Full Disclosure” Ravi reveals his connection to Ro. Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! Like us on Facebook: h…
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18 thoughts on “Ro | Ep. 2 of 6 | Feat. Melonie Diaz | WIGS

  1. NaturallyYou1

    Last time I checked just because you have a record does not mean you have
    to tell someone right off the bat, unless you have a rape/ child molesting
    record. So why did she have to say anything about her identity theft?

  2. effortlesslylovely98

    Oh i love the instant mystery left by the last episode, so 2 episodes in a
    day is really great!

  3. lobservateur83

    No, but if you’re on probation for identity theft, it’s not a good sign
    that you’ve been rehabilitated.


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