Ro (+ Mary Trailer) | Ep. 4 of 6 | Feat. Melonie Diaz | WIGS

“Ro”: Episode 4 of 6 — “The Bottom of the Blender” Ro is presented with a riddle, and makes a mysterious call. Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Explore the world behind WIGS on Pinterest: About “Ro”: A woman’s…

19 thoughts on “Ro (+ Mary Trailer) | Ep. 4 of 6 | Feat. Melonie Diaz | WIGS

  1. Keith Tucker

    Would love to see this character Ro be taken out of the speed dating scene. Melonie does a great job of conveying inner thoughts with minimal facial expressions. Maybe some full dates. ?

  2. TinkerbellKat

    I? feel like the scenes or professions are so similar. Change it up! Have a character be a teacher or a singer. Something you wouldn’t expect to have a twist!

  3. MsRoo222

    OK Wigs,,,you went from original and fun to stupid and crazy..every time? u do a new story, I grow hope and then lose it…go back and look at Blue and Jen, then figure it out please..I miss the old you…

  4. lovefromnorthbay

    maybe she was being “rude” to Ned because she was having anxiety? about her situation. I think I’d be less than perfectly attentive if I were Ro in this scenario. And Ned was even making myself as a viewer uncomfortable with the way he was speaking to her — the lack of subtlety and the dramatic voices aren’t easy to respond to.

  5. MiLadyCutie9

    grrrrrr! I really don’t like Ro. Why do they keep using speed dating as an escape from an already existing relationship?! Poor Ned, she could have? at least acted like she cared. I’ll take it from here Ro you just don’t know how to treat a single man.


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