Ruth & Erica | Ep. 4 of 13 | Feat. Maura Tierney & Lois Smith | WIGS

Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Explore the world behind WIGS on Pinterest: “Ruth & Erica”: Episode 4 of 13 — “April” Erica gets an urgent call from her father. About “Ruth & Erica”: A woman struggles with…
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24 thoughts on “Ruth & Erica | Ep. 4 of 13 | Feat. Maura Tierney & Lois Smith | WIGS

  1. HurriedBeauty

    LOL!!!!! This was SO true to life. Seriously, someone who has been in that situation HAD to have written it. Fess up, Wigs… Who was Diddling the married man with the parents calling at all hours of the night for emergencies?? ?

  2. wigs

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  3. evewrites3

    I dislike the heroine, Erica, because she is unlikable. I feel very little connection with the main character because she sleeps with married men and she is also spoiled and selfish. Her character flaws make her repulsive to me. I am rooting for the mom, Ruth, to get Erica the heck out of her life, even if she has to file a restraining order. Bringing a realtor to a house Erica doesn’t own really crossed? the line. I would take away her key and make sure that she never had one again.

  4. aliveandconnected

    Mistresses think they are special until they are replaced. It’s an age old habit that won’t die because some chicks (like this character) have low self esteem and no life unless a man is in it…and sometimes any man will do. smh?

  5. Charles Guzman

    Thanks for opening my eyes to new possibilities and a new way of seeing it. I love to grow and understand things better and keep an open mind. I think what you said makes sense and it made me? think about it. :)

  6. Sullenstone

    Yeah I got the same impression too but in the scene where the dad fell asleep with the TV on in a previous episode I think they were talking about Cameron and Erica told her dad he was separated. That’s why I was confused.?

  7. Jessica Thomas

    Gotcha. Well feel free to elaborate in comment when ever you want? I’d love to hear what your opinion is.


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