Scarlett Freetress Lace Front Wig

Disclaimer: Everything in this video was purchased with my own money. I was given the permission to list the stores link: Freetress Scarlett Lace Front Wig: F33/32/240 Bracelet: Forever21 Earrings: Buckle

24 thoughts on “Scarlett Freetress Lace Front Wig

  1. Blknurse1981

    Thanks for the review! I this unit will be my next purchase! You are a very beautiful sista! God bless!

    One question can you part this unit anywhere?

  2. MacPurpleKisses

    I just ordered this wig today! I plan to do a video response! i’m super excited girl! Thanks for this review!

  3. 71skyler

    You are so beautiful! You could be modeling for Free Tress.. :-)
    I really love your pink top… where did you get it and what color is that? I really want to get one. Pls let me know. Thanks!!!

  4. 50LittleMama

    The color looks beautiful on you with your eye make up and lipstick and sweater color. Yes Scarlet used to be my girl in a 2 but I got sick of that measly parting space so I finally moved on to Friday Night Hair for the time being.

  5. JessicaLaliah

    @AYEDOLLIE I stated in the video, its about 2-3 days. As the seller and they’ll tell you exactly what it is.


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