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24 thoughts on “Serena Trailer | Featuring Jennifer Garner & Alfred Molina | WIGS

  1. Bianca Smith

    Sometimes I see flashes of the JG I miss from Alias. But then they fade
    away and I remember the train wreck that was her career as soon as she
    decided to go the mom route. So glad she’s coming back around…slowly but

  2. Bryan Lutz

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    one and it looks pretty good.?

  3. WIGS

    Lust. Temptation. Forbidden love. All under God’s roof. Check out the
    trailer for next week’s short film, Serena, starring Jennifer Garner and
    Alfred Molina.?

  4. Jack Sander

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  5. Jasmen Adamson

    This already looked interesting but the fact that “Dreamworld’ was playing
    in the background just sold me, hands down.

  6. fddjdmjm

    I hope Jennifer Laurence and Bradley cooper don’t become romantically
    involved, I can’t stand him, and she’s too good for him.


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