Sesame Street: Buy a Wig from Grover

Sesame Street: Buy a Wig from Grover

Wigs for Sale! Wigs for Sale! Grover has handmade head covers made from genuine ranch nylon. You may have a very good mouth, and a fine nose and two bulgy eyes, but if you feel something is…

15 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Buy a Wig from Grover

  1. Veston Bruno

    Mr. Johnson shouldn’t have tried to slam the door on Grover’s neck, that
    would’ve caused a severe injury.?

  2. Rexaura888

    Anyone notice that Mr. Johnson’s and Kermit’s living rooms in these shorts
    are almost exactly the same (only difference is furniture color and the
    fact that they’re mirrored versions)? Perhaps that’s why Salesman Grover
    keeps on dropping by…?


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