Silhouette Front & Back Lace Wig S-lace 011

Hair by: Silhouete S-Lace 011 Many Faces of Make sure to follow me on Twitter: FaceBook Diva Fan page: My Space: DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Silhouette Products. I was given this product from Hair Stop & Shop toreview as well as give my honest opinion and thoughts. All comments & Statements are of my own and are in no way intended to offend any persons or companies. All wigs being used threw out this video were given to me free of charge for a review. Video was done for review purposes as well as for the enjoyment and educational purposes of Youtube. All Music heard threw out this video (intro & outro) is my own

23 thoughts on “Silhouette Front & Back Lace Wig S-lace 011

  1. shaybabe247

    I like I really like the new style because sometimes you have to do some styles differently but very cute sexy look for ya boo with a night just to be close to you type look

  2. Lovinq2pac

    @mssparky06 I know I’m not her..LOL But I saw your ? n wanted 2 answer it 4 u…you don’t have to wear a wig cap..Although you should to keep your real hair from sticking out..Especially if it’s a style[Like curls] or different color..You can however get cornrows instead of wig cap..But WE wear [I wear them 2] wig caps n cornrows 2 help your hair lay flat so your lacefront looks natural n not bulgy..Like how Beyonce’s lace fronts look she either were’s cornorows or a wig cap 4 a natural look

  3. rssangl

    You are rocking that purple, I love the look and the hair is HOT!!! I have got to ge me a couple for the summer…thx for the review.

  4. Babibyrd1

    this is a very cute wig and you just taught me something I didnt know that you dont have to bond front lace wigs … i thought they all had to be bonded … Thanks Diva

  5. mssparky06

    love your tutorials i’ve seen them all but i have a quick question… if you are not putting a part in your wig do you have to wear a wig cap??? I’m new to the wig game.


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