Stars of ‘WIGS’ on original YouTube TV

Earlier this month, filmmakers Jon Avnet (“Black Swan,” “Fried Green Tomatoes”) and Rodrigo Garcia (“Albert Nobbs,” “In Treatment”) announced the launch of WIGS, a YouTube channel featuring original series, short films and documentaries that explore the lives of women. The first WIGS series, “Jan,” starring Caitlin Gerard, Virginia Madsen and Stephen Moyer, premieres today. The Daily caught up with Avnet, Garcia, Gerard, Madsen and Jennifer Beals (the star of the upcoming series “Lauren”) to get the scoop on what viewers can expect from this exciting new content.
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6 thoughts on “Stars of ‘WIGS’ on original YouTube TV

  1. amber2103

    So awesome to? see and hear JB speak and sound excited about a project. This whole idea is great it’ll work for those involved esp. JB her YouTube family Love her…can’t wait :)


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