Summer Hair Beshe Glitter Synthetic Wig Ride The Waves

Hair By Beshe Synthetic Wig Glitter color 1b .88 Alright ladies it was time to bring it back to some more simpler and more inexpensive wigs, this one here is Beshe Glitter she is your normal synthetic full cap wig, and a very easy one to rock at that. I liket his one it reminds me so much of summer hair, like beach hair, the synthetic fibers are not too silky and stringy reminds me more of natural relaxed hair with waves, I have a feeling as this one gets older it starts to look better. Available at Elevate Styles for .88 Make sure you follow Elevate Styles on Facebook for the latest in hair promos and more Earrings Worn in video were made by me and will be available very shortly on Smooches Accessories You can check me out at the following Smooches Accessories is on Twitter: Facebook Smooches Accessories: Youtube Smooches Accessories & Subscribe: For thelatest in fashion, style, makeup, hair, beauty, gossip, shopping and more make sure you check me out at: Many Faces of Twitter FaceBook Diva Fan page: FaceBook Regular Page: DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Beshe products shown in this video.. . All comments and statements are of my OWN and are in no way intended to offend any persons or companies. All Music heard threw out this video (intro & outro) is
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12 thoughts on “Summer Hair Beshe Glitter Synthetic Wig Ride The Waves

  1. yana babii

    love it,very pretty!.. but do you know of any websites were i can? get a red curly wig,like karma.?

  2. Stepfefee

    Hey April.. when I go to? your earcandy site I always get a warning message. Oh yeah I got this one because of you!!! Thanks!!

  3. TiffKnwsEvrythng

    I love them brows! All your videos have inspired me to get a half wig. Next Friday? I gettin one!

  4. natachaunelus

    hey diva! i want to show you this girl’s website about getting the virgin hair with afro baby hairs. I think its? a good idea cuz it blendswell. especially if you get a lace with it & get your own hair mold for an accurate hairline. when i posted it won’t let me post her website to you but its wwwDOTlouisepierreDOTcom

  5. thatgadgetgirl

    Due to this fantastic video,? April, you convinced me to get this unit. I bought 2 in 1B for the fall and a few in 1B/27?30. Woman…..the 1B/27/30 is HOT!!!! Everyone is in love with it on me. I am login’ it. This is my style for the summer :) I’ll be rocking this unit with all of my Smooches earrings. You’re the best xo


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