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Watch Episode 12 now: “Susanna”: Episode 11 of 12 — Susanna consults Fred regarding Micah’s request. She gets a scare when she return…
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18 thoughts on “Susanna | Ep. 11 of 12 | Feat. Maggie Grace & Anna Paquin | WIGS

  1. Ren M

    Marta is an excellent nanny. She’s obviously been around more than enough
    children yo know what’s good or bad for them. As a nanny myself, I know
    I’ve broken rules parents have given me when they were way too extreme or
    too lenient…parents like Katie don’t know what they’re doing n big the
    crap out of me.

  2. Ginte Mikolaityte

    Can you blame her? It’s not even her baby. It’s always harder to take care
    of someone else’s children. Knowing it’s not yours and knowing, that
    someone will blame you for what you did wrong.. it’s nerve-wrecking.

  3. SamsXO

    Marta is kind of a brat but I kind of like her anyway. She seems to always
    state the obvious, when no one else sees it.

  4. Coco Lai

    the microwave would warm the milk unevenly leaving hot spots that may burn
    the baby’s mouth. It’s better to warm it in a pot of hot water…safer

  5. YT4Me57

    I agree. Clean is different than sanitized. Antiseptic is not necessary as
    it delays an infant’s natural development of antibodies against common
    germs and diseases. It is only necessary to wash one’s hands with soap and
    water when coming in off the street or after handling something that was
    dirty. The sanitizing is a result of Katie’s OCD.

  6. nina88991

    @NatalieRivera sometimes parents have to, like when I was a baby I would
    cry just because I wanted to be held but they couldn’t always come to me
    they had to teach me.. So sometimes it’s acceptable but sometimes it’s not

  7. tlkalot

    wait, is she really boiling water in the pot just for the bottle? A cup of
    water in the microwave for like 3 mins will do the trick.

  8. MckinneyMini

    Are you kidding Susanna has ten times more on her plate, a high powered job
    with a ton of stress, worrying and caring for her sister, THE BABY, a
    mother that wont help, keeping up with a relationship VS katie just having
    the baby to deal with. I don’t think it compares at all…..

  9. faeriemagic16

    well she’s taking care of the baby better than the stupid “mother”.. also
    she takes care of babies is her job and she’s been doing it for years so I
    say, yeah she’s an expert

  10. beccrboo86

    She can’t microwave the plastic bottles, it releases a chemical into the
    fluid inside. Also, warming in the microwave can cause it to super heat and
    burn the baby.

  11. jemagurl

    That nanny is just out of line…bad luck for the baby? I can’t believe she
    even said that out loud to her own sister!


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