Susanna | Ep. 12 of 12 | Feat. Maggie Grace & Anna Paquin | WIGS

Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! “Susanna”: Episode 12 of 12 — Susanna snares Micah and Jamie in their own web and closes the deal,…

20 thoughts on “Susanna | Ep. 12 of 12 | Feat. Maggie Grace & Anna Paquin | WIGS

  1. jwhaler82

    To be fair, that’s actually not the most irresponsible thing I’ve seen done
    on a WIGS series. Remember how Kendra acted in Lauren? But that’s just me…

  2. Crystal Marin

    I know right?! Why couldn’t she just put the baby in the stroller and take
    the baby with her to the store?

  3. TheHappybunnybks B

    I just noticed this is the same character from Jan. Now I’m starting to
    wonder if all of these stories are linked to one another in some way

  4. Jessica Campos

    omg!!! im soooo in love with this!!!!! I cant wait for them to continue
    this!!!!! when will they anyways!!! I wanna see it now!! haha!!!!

  5. slinkysmurfette

    Ok besides Mel appearing without Jan attached to her side or Chase….. Did
    anyone see that text from Mark? “Your a good Mommy, Love Mark” WTF?? Is he
    an ass or what? He brought her clothes=SWEET; Then he left cus Sus w/ baby
    39 minutes= ASS; then he’s all supportive?? I don’t get him yet. All the
    guys in every series are sweet then nice sweet then nice. Why?


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