Susanna | Ep. 3 of 12 | Feat. Maggie Grace & Anna Paquin | WIGS

Watch Episode 4 now: “Susanna”: Episode 3 of 12 — Susanna arrives and intervenes, taking Katie and her child April to the hospital. N…

14 thoughts on “Susanna | Ep. 3 of 12 | Feat. Maggie Grace & Anna Paquin | WIGS

  1. pacnowest

    Do they have subtitles so you can put it on mute and read so you don’t have
    to listen to the baby cry? Unfuckingbelievable that they thought they could
    get away with a baby crying in a show for 30 minutes straight. I’m done.?

  2. sweetangelz1000

    are the 12 eposides just gonna be susanna ‘s time she get to the
    appartement and the baby crying??

  3. MckinneyMini

    Now that is a loyal and caring sister. This is how all family especially
    siblings should be. I love her character in this.

  4. NickiK

    I was thinking its all the germ x and stuff the baby can’t smell her.. I
    dunno? But I am liking this show!! And only on episode 3!!

  5. Jennafer Bargstadt

    That’s not a lump it’s a birthmark sometimes they are raised like that my
    cousin had them eventually they went away

  6. Amberlyn

    To anyone who doesn’t know – when a mother is suffering from this type of
    post-partum, they detach themselves from the situation. Especially when
    they have pre-existing mental illness, as in this situation. They can
    recognize they have a child, but not that the child is theirs. And the
    child senses that. They’re not getting the love they need, the nurturing.
    They need a maternal figure. They also need to breastfeed, but the mother
    can’t feel the intimacy needed as a mother to allow that.

  7. Nerdtastic!

    i’ve gotta say, the one thing that’s pissing me off is how unsympathetic
    the co worker is being. She has a family situation going on, calm your

  8. jaden edwards

    the bump on Aprils head is what all babys have on the back of their head my
    little baby brother has it and my step mom is a nurse and she said all
    babys have that until they have all of their hair so she fine don’t worry
    and if it was something bad they would of had her hospitalized


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