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Watch Episode 5 now: “Susanna”: Episode 4 of 12 — Susanna stays with April overnight and tries to work from her sister’s apartment wh…
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19 thoughts on “Susanna | Ep. 4 of 12 | Feat. Maggie Grace & Anna Paquin | WIGS

  1. Kyron Instrumentals

    It didn’t take half an hour to change the baby, she also had to put the
    baby back down for sleep, it’s very hard to put some babies down for bed.

  2. Aaron Wallentine

    The “boyfriend” didn’t seem suspicious to me … he did seem a bit rude,
    though, leaving without saying anything. But I’m confused … does the
    boyfriend work at her office? But then, she also gave a kiss to the
    psychologist guy … so is he her boyfriend too? Just thinking aloud here

  3. Jupitermynx23

    Agreed! Susanna is helping out her sister, who is in the hospital, and Mark
    can’t hang around or even attempt to help her out. He just up and leaves.
    What an asshat!

  4. Amberlyn

    Usually there’s non-traumatic triggers. Sometimes it’s as simple as their
    real mother walking out of the room, out of sight. Babies crave attention
    from their mothers and fathers and will just cry for them and their
    attention. So walking out of the room causes that reaction. Or if they
    don’t react to that, there’s some babies who hate certain faces being made,
    or noises being made. They always use non-traumatic methods though. No
    scaring, no loud angry noises, no physical harm.

  5. Philip Gipson

    @WIGS I’m quite pleased that you’re able to provide new shows for us
    viewers to enjoy. I’m happily enjoying “Susanna.”

  6. slinkysmurfette

    What a JERK Mark is. He cldnt w8 39 minutes??? Really? Loser. A real man
    would have tried to fix the radiator why she was in there taking care of
    the baby. Why is he questioning where the sis is like Susanna is lying?
    Susanna tells him she’s not in the mood to “fight” so he must be an ass all
    the time! And lastly…. Why not CALL Mark & let him kno whats going on
    rather than to email him. Weird relationship I guess!

  7. TheTeksone

    It’s ok. I had to rewind to see the time difference the first time I
    watched it because it went too fast for me to catch it. Then I read through
    the posts to see opinions about this episode and came across your question.
    Watched it again just to be make sure lol

  8. dco589

    He wasn’t a jerk it was 1am..and she came out of the babies room 4 hours+
    later. I wouldn’t wait that long if someone said I’ll be right back and it
    turned into 4-5 hours… If you went to a friends house and they did the
    same thing would you want that long?


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