Susanna | Ep. 6 of 12 | Feat. Maggie Grace & Anna Paquin | WIGS

Watch Episode 7 now: “Susanna”: Episode 6 of 12 — Susanna visits Katie in the hospital. Susanna realizes Katie isn’t going to recover…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 thoughts on “Susanna | Ep. 6 of 12 | Feat. Maggie Grace & Anna Paquin | WIGS

  1. John Bush

    Give Anna a big thumbs up for all the analysis on her condition, convincing
    acting. real people are slow to admit to themselves when a friend or family
    member is going off the rails.. This is a sad but good and realistic

  2. Sweetmuffins0018

    In the second episode, the doctor does tell Susanna that Katie is most
    likely obsessive compulsive and has postpartum depression. They didn’t just
    skip over it. ?

  3. Lauren Burleigh

    Has anyone noticed the giant knot on the back of the baby’s head. It looks
    pretty bad and so far I haven’t seen one comment about it. Thats probably
    why she’s crying (in real life), they keep touching it and it probably
    hurts. Poor little thing.

  4. Samwise0311

    I love this show, but I can’t help but feeling this anxiety about impending
    doom where Susanna loses her job, or loses this deal she’s working on! It
    almost makes it hard for me to watch!

  5. naturalbeauty4554

    anna paquin makes me believe every character she plays is a real person.
    Even though i know shes acting it doesnt feel like it.


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