The Bomb Diggy Synthetic Lace Front Wig LOL) Wigs by CC

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16 thoughts on “The Bomb Diggy Synthetic Lace Front Wig LOL) Wigs by CC

  1. vanessa reed

    I Love this April Omg I have it in my cart lol i want her in
    purple!!!! hot wig look great On you?

  2. Patricia Jackson

    I have been a fan for years in between me doing wigs, weaves and now back
    to wigs. You are their bomb. Can’t keep a good woman down. Keep found your
    thang. You are an inspiration.?

  3. Sandra Gwala

    That gig is BOMB on you!!been a fan xx im also felling the soundtrack at
    the back what is it called ???

  4. portgas gasport

    YOU ARE A GORGEOUS WOMAN !!! you have 5 kids and you still soo…. no
    words , i hope i’ll be like you after having 5 kids?

  5. yvette800

    I am so glad you are back one thing I can say you are a true fighter and I
    really respect you for that. I appreciate you for your diligence.

  6. petalisbless

    Sorry to hear u had some trouble with ur other channel, just found out from
    lovekisses99.. an u know I had to re-sub to ur channel..The hair looks very
    nice on u….stay blessed my dear :)

  7. Miss Trill

    Thank goodness for OG or I wouldn’t have known! Can. Say I still mis your
    old apartment setting lol x

  8. Carrah Howard

    NeNe Leakes needs to holla at you. That blonde lace front she rocks is NOT
    the business. I can see the lace thing.


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