The Real Royalty- Royalty Wigs Kourtney FLW

Hair BY Royalty Kourtney full lace wig, color 1b 18 inches Alright ladies so I was hypnotized into buying another unit from Royalty I was really feeling my Diva lace front my them and I haven’t wore my synthetic silk top Bella yet cause I am waiting…
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14 thoughts on “The Real Royalty- Royalty Wigs Kourtney FLW

  1. nexxusish

    look my EDUCATED friend, I dont wont to fight over wigs that coat $350/$400 GOD , THATsame wig went down to $185 the following day,take care and hope U put that in the collection plate a Church.
    TAKE CARE MY educated? FRIEND
    Ps: To all who read this REMEMBER To pay RESPECT to the one who gave so much & paid THE Ultimate price just we can voice our opinon/SLAGE each other off or what have,U might not like what i said but was it the truth. John3:16

  2. smc5127

    I’m wondering if the recent shedding issue is because of tax? season and if that’s why they have had 2 sales back to back now, to get rid of the defective stock

  3. smc5127

    You sound like an idiot. You speak like you failed high school English class. Also, American vendors buy from Asian vendors, who will charge you about half that. Now I’m not taking up for American vendors jacking up the price, but if you find a GOOD vendor that has a great? hairline, customized a realistic density throughout the wig,bleaches your knots AND cuts it into a style for you…you have to realize why they are charging more because they took the work out for you.Just fix the shedding

  4. Zazen777

    Mine was bad, too. Their customer service was very nice about it though but when? I received it I couldn’t believe it. It was uneven, bulky etc.

  5. abawitx

    well, gosh I just pray mine is ok. I do? believe they do good work so I will give them a try. if not well ill just take my business elsewhere.

  6. nexxusish

    { Give it a minute they’ll work it out, GOD they’re going 2 make? million of dollars, I wish that was my WEBSITE. later 3/4/12

  7. nexxusish

    contact the lady in the video she should tell what to do? b’cos they send it to them for free listen how many time she says the NAME OF THE COMPANY IT ADVERTISEMENT, U notice THEY DONT even tell U the price of it the wig this is Utube the Divas always tell U the price,and where to get it PLS jus think about it 3/4/12

  8. nexxusish

    U no my people,Ydo we make other races RICH come ON I WAS 2 buy it the kourtney wig @$350.00 wen they pay less then $20.00 out of CHINA.we as black people Will never learn $49.00 dollars maybe,look around your Home,Apt,Duplex where you live&the way U live DIVAS orTheCar U dri,BUS I dont think real men wld he pay $400.00 for hair wig?pls dont say ur doing it 4urself.I’m? not slag anyone soon DIVAS they will try us $750-$800 hell Ynot we RICH ,u heard fool&hisMoney will soon depart 3/4/12jus think

  9. tokyoberries

    I was so disappointed when I receive the Kourtney wig… so so disappointed… a waste of $400.00… and I will never buy from? them again, mad ass hell.. Diva, your wigs are beautiful and I love all your reviews… but I will never buy from Royalty Wigs again… thin as hell, the lace seems as if it was falling apart, a lot of shedding and it wasn’t much hair to work with.. I wore it for about 3 hours and the curls fell… shit look like stringy dog hair.. I ordered a 20″ and she sent me a 18″

  10. Shadoryah

    I think the site? its a little more than down. I am trying to exchange a wig and I cant get anyone on the phone or to return my emails a return. Very dissapointing


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