Thursday tresses – Applying half wigs

Hey subbies.. this is just another video about how to get hair, fast lol. enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Thursday tresses – Applying half wigs

  1. naturalisharib

    ok u talked me into it lol… im gonna try this, so i left out the front
    but the back of my head is braided.. can i still do the half wig like this?
    +trinigal08 ?

  2. Clara Agu

    You look very pretty wearing that.. i like the half wigs too , and the lace
    , all wigs really , my mom used to have a wig shop so I love wigs!?

  3. dalletha garrard

    Thank you for this video. I am going to try this of course I am a ametuer
    when itcomes to the lace front and this half wig but I can apply a DRAW
    STRING PONY TAIL LIKE A PRO!!:) :) :) :) :)?


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