Tutorial – How To Trim Back Hard Lace On Wigs

Hey wiglets!!! This week I’m showing you all how to cut back the excess lace from wigs with hard plastic type lace. Headblock from BobbiePinz.com Champagne T…

15 thoughts on “Tutorial – How To Trim Back Hard Lace On Wigs

  1. boojiemonster

    There may be lots of other videos out there that cover topics such as this
    but this is the only wig channel that I subscribe to, so I appreciate you
    doing things like this. Thanks!?

  2. AGlitterWizard

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I’ve casually watched a ton of wig videos
    before, but I’ve never actually searched one for trimming lace fronts.

    Unrelated Question which could potentially be a tutorial, but I’m not
    really sure.: I’ve been considering buying some wigs and doing my own drag
    stuff, but my head is a whopping 27 inches around! I don’t know if this
    means I’m gonna need to custom order all of my things, or if there’s
    something I could do to help make average-sized wigs fit better onto my
    head. Any assistance with my predicament would be really appreciated! :S?

  3. Alexis Charms

    Is there any way to lighten the lace? I bought a lace front wig and like
    you I’m a WHITE BOY and the lace is brown.?


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