Tutorial – Splicing And Sewing Wigs Together

Hey wiglets!!! SO sorry this video is a day late! Woof… Anyway! This is a video tutorial showing how I cut apart and sew wigs together! Supplies Used: Scis…
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9 thoughts on “Tutorial – Splicing And Sewing Wigs Together

  1. Robbert Nyhan

    Hey you! You never put part 2 up of How to Make a Rooted Wig! I really want
    to know how to finish my wig :(?

  2. Tobi larone

    if you don’t use the top of the wig, and only the bang section, will it
    still work? I want BIG in the front and a little flatter in the back. Oh
    and I’m also using the wefting tips and sewing 2 wigs together.?

  3. Diva Disaster

    So how do I get you to build wigs for me? Girl I have no time to build
    wigs. Im a big girl and I need big hair. Hit me up and lets chat…?

  4. Shawn d'Lure

    Do you know of any place to get that base wig online? I can’t seem to find
    it, and none of the beauty supplies in my area seem to carry that brand.?

  5. VegasLadyGaga

    Hey love! Just wanted to let you know I used this and a couple others
    videos of yours to take the leap and make a new Gaga wig! I was terrified
    to cut one apart and sew it into the other, but your tutorials are so
    detailed that I felt safe doing it!! I was also scared to tease the crap
    out of the wig to get height, but your teasing tutorial helped tremendously!
    Thank you for making these tutorial videos Bobbie. It says so much about a
    professional when they’re willing to share their techniques with the world.
    You’re such an amazing person :) ?


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