Tutorial – Steaming Synthetic Wigs For Drag, Theater, Opera and Cosplay

Hey Wiglets!!! This week’s tutorial is how I personally steam synthetic hair straight!! Products/Tools Used: Finisheen: www.SallyBeauty.com “Wiggies” Wig Bru…

22 thoughts on “Tutorial – Steaming Synthetic Wigs For Drag, Theater, Opera and Cosplay

  1. LuigiMcLuigi

    WOOOPPPP thankssss just what i need
    ok i will try to STEAM my wig , i HOPE i dont burn it
    +WigginOutBZ LOVE YOUR HAIR …
    Q&A how do i dye a synthetic wig ???

  2. Rosemary Rose-Gonzalez

    I love that your so professional and you don’t have a foul mouth! Your
    tutorial has been so helpful! Thanks luv!?


    THANK YOU!! I believe you’ve just saved me about $500 in wigs headed out
    for the, well, let’s just call it the “Wig Heaven Far Above!” You are very
    gifted and an excellent teacher. One thing I’ve found about wig advice
    (e.g. applying anything hot to a synthetic wig, etc.) is that you always
    MUST CONSIDER THE SOURCE. I’ve bought some very, very expensive synthetic
    wigs directly from a store in a large city. The gals who work there have
    repeatedly told me that the least little heat applied will ruin my $250
    investment. Well, knowing that a synthetic wig is just a wig made out of a
    “type of plastic” and not TNT – I knew there had to be a way of bringing
    them back to life. The only thing to get “burned” by your processes are
    the shops who want my return business bad and fast!! Ha Ha – Gotcha’
    Barb from Ohio?

  4. Laura Richards

    Ah hahahahaha what Bobby said about people using foam heads and cut and
    pasting. I died. <3 ya bobby I actually style on a canvas base and then
    ship mine on the foam head which is why some of my pix have the wig on the
    foam head?

  5. cloudnyne22

    thank you so much for this video I had these 50 inch synthetic ponytails I
    bought and I didn’t know anything about hair so they got sooooo raggedy I
    was going to try to make a beard or something with them but this worked so
    well theyre better than when I got them?

  6. distortionx51

    I’m clueless with styling wigs for costumes + cosplay but your tutorials
    are so informative I’m starting to understand! Thank you!?


    This is sooo much work I just flat Rio my synthetics wet work great and
    gets bone straight humm intresting method but very unessary to curl or
    vCard straighten I curl hair wet to turn out beautiful?

  8. J. Dale Smith

    YES! Thank you for this… Now I can do and redo… do and redo…. and
    redothe same tired wig. LOL! Thanks for ALL your advice!?


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