Underneath the Wigs and Weaves … by GloZell (Dr. Fubalous a Funny Hip Hop Web Series)

Underneath the Wigs and Weaves ... by GloZell (Dr. Fubalous a Funny Hip Hop Web Series)

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23 thoughts on “Underneath the Wigs and Weaves … by GloZell (Dr. Fubalous a Funny Hip Hop Web Series)

  1. seun0203

    Umm all black people are originally from Africa.Some British people were brought to Australia? through transportation.

  2. DeRien8

    I love her hair!!!!!!!! it looks so soft and cushy :) I don’t know if i’d want to touch it idk. and I am so happy she didn’t say the sister wives whoever were mormon. (they’re not real mormons, we don’t do that anymore) YAAAYYYYYYYYYGloZell “ya want some fruit sound like? a chicken tho”

  3. nancynoco

    I thought your hair was shorter, like a? black MAN’s hair. I thought it was shorter than in two puffs. I still remember the whip my hair when you took it off in thh end and the Willow Annie. And sorry, when I said British slaves, I meant white slaves. Well, just to let you know, I’m Caucasian. What is weave again?

  4. nancynoco

    Not all black people are from Africa. Some are Jamacan. Nicki Minaj is Trindadian (Wikipedia). Some are Trindadian or Trigloue. Some are British, but come from Africa or Jamaca first, as slaves and that’s how. Some are Australian. British slaves escaped to Australia and the accent developed? over time. Native Australians were the first to use boomerangs. Like for example, Native Americans. Sorry, I’m a horrible speller.

  5. Peachiist

    She’s a comedian, she was making light out of differences & it was funny …so don’t get? all serious up in this ba donk a donk!

  6. TaintedBrownjuice

    Or you could say we are all the way our parents made us to be due to random genetic variation when they reproduced that make everyone unique and we shouldn’t judge by ethnic background because that is a random genetic variation that has? occurred due to environment we live in.

  7. Candy1015790

    Glo i don’t think it’s gonna be as much hair as you think i think because it kinda comes out out at the part above you ears and the the part that slightly goes into your forehead and I’m pretty sure that after you can go to the salon and get it fixed so it’s? not noticeable if it looks weird 😉

  8. Hellen Habteab

    u should just straiten it itll make it longer and thinner and more manageable.? ive noticed that whatever way u do ur hair u look very pretty


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