Update?April Lace Wigs Review

Update?April Lace Wigs Review

Update on this unit from http://www.aprillacewigs.com/?ref=8716 I answer some of the questions that I’ve been getting asked about it and give an update on it…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 thoughts on “Update?April Lace Wigs Review

  1. The1KEKE77

    Hey girly! I watched both your videos on this wig and It looks great on
    you!…. I def want to purchase this wig but some of the comments on
    certain vids of this company are that the wigs R not that nice and has a
    bunch a flaws! Im scared because I spent $300plus on a upart and it was
    some trash so I just wanted some reassurance because I see U actually
    purchased the wig and it was sent to U… Is it worth the $ THANKS ?

  2. Nicole okoro

    I purchased this unit and loved it the first week. I’m in the second week
    and now I’m experiencing tons of tangle in the back of my unit. I’m
    disgusted!!! Dont buy this hair because they send their good product to
    people who do reviwes on it and cheap rubish to every other consumers. ?

  3. Divine DimeDiva

    Thank u for the update on this unit, I saw your first review and actually
    ordered this b/c of your video. I am expecting it today and hopefully my
    unit looks as good as yours. Fingers crossed….. ?

  4. Chi J

    love it ! can you do a tutorial on how you have it flipped and curled in
    those pics at the end of the video?

  5. MzPinkyPink88

    Hey hun you are the reason why i just ordered this exact wig. i just got a
    1b because I’m lightskin and jet black does look too good on me but i hope
    the 1b not too light. I’m not sure if you said that after you washed it and
    blow dry it did you flat iron it straight on did it became straight with
    the blow dry and brush method???

  6. Marsha W

    Hi Hun….I just uploaded my video can you go there and tell me what you
    think plzzzz. Its my 1st love……aprillacewigs.com.Thanks!!!! My 1st vid
    ALL b/c of you:)?


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