VeggieTales: Astonishing Wigs Silly Song

And now it’s time for an installment in “The History of Fashion” with Archibald. The part of the show where Archibald comes out and shares a lesson in the history of fashion!
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20 thoughts on “VeggieTales: Astonishing Wigs Silly Song

  1. hannahpeace96

    Remember when Archibald interupt Larry in, Everybody’s got a Water Buffalo? And in the song of the Cebu? And in the Hopperaina? Archibald acts like he’s the boss…?

  2. JamieBoLarry

    Larry: “So you? think I’m silly?”
    Archibald: “Yes”
    Waited to say this comment since 1997 Larry?


  3. tabykatify

    We are the pigs in wigs. Yes our locks are very big, and we sqeal without a care in our unofficial hair. Our hearts are most enthralled since pigs like us are bald. So we’ll sing and we’ll? smile and we’ll proabably flunk the style of our astonishing wigs!

  4. larryboyrocksalot

    WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?! PIGS? That is horrible! A little birdy told me that…..THE SHOW WAS CALLED….(drumroll) VEGGIETALES!!! I almost cried when I saw that. VT is trying to be like Seseme Street.? Does mike even MAKE the SS anymore? ‘Cause he was GENIUS!!!

  5. Sup3rJrek

    @TeamRocketRockin so your assuming that i havent watched them? well that assumption is wrong, sir/ma’am. seen all of em up to the little drummer boy…my previous comment reinstated here –>?

  6. TeamRocketRockin

    @Sup3rJrek Actually, “Lord of the Beans” was a good episode. I know the difference? between childhood memories and good quality. Trust me, the newer episodes do suck, but you can’t just criticize stuff you never bothered to watch.

  7. clampfan101

    I think the wig on the right looks like it? gives him eyes. lol
    why are there pigs in Veggie Tales…?


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