Vivica Fox/Beverly Johnson “Pearl” wig in color 2217

I got this wig off of ebay, however the cheapest place I found is
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6 thoughts on “Vivica Fox/Beverly Johnson “Pearl” wig in color 2217

  1. daniyellybelly

    okay, I found it on lhboutique, but its $39.99 – but they do have color 2217…hope this? helps!!!!!

  2. daniyellybelly

    Hello!! Sorry about mimi not having the right color…give me some time to google it for you and I’ll get back to you on a place that sells it. Nice to know of some? other white girls who rock wigs!!!!

  3. keinohrtini

    Thanks for the vid!! I`m also a white girl who is recently into wigs! I think it`s really not that easy to find wigs in lighter colours which look not like something had spilt yolk or pee on u!! The MIMI website is cheaper but, certainly? does not sell the colour you reviewed! :( Loove the colour and the wig!!

  4. daniyellybelly

    Thanks so much!! It’s great to be back? with some new wigs :) That’s so funny you mentioned the Aurora wig, because I almost got her!!! I’ll put her on my list for sure. Thanks!


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