Vixen Sew In Install ft. Bliss Wigs (AliExpress)

Hello my diva’s! Been getting a lot of questions about my new vixen sew in. So I wanted to share how I installed it myself using AliExpress Bliss Wigs Malaysian hair. It was VERY VERY VERY…
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21 thoughts on “Vixen Sew In Install ft. Bliss Wigs (AliExpress)

  1. Janine Maphunye

    My cousin tried this but said that the plaits were too bulky and were
    bulging out… How can one get the best results with the vixen sew in??

  2. MsAvalon25

    It looks awesome love! Let me find out I have to come down there so you can
    do mines…lol. Going to try this on my cheerleaders, they asked me about
    it last season but I had never heard of it. Great video hun! xoxo?

  3. Lori Earl

    you did a damn good job, ive been looking on here to see my next hair do
    you’ve definitely inspire me. I was also looking for a darkskin girl doing
    vixen closures, so atleast I know how our hair will look with a closure
    like this. and it looks beautiful thank you sweetheart #iloveit (: keep up
    the good work booskie.?


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