Wearing Wigs ~ My Story, Pros and Cons and Tips!

Why I started wearing wigs, my experience and some tips!

12 thoughts on “Wearing Wigs ~ My Story, Pros and Cons and Tips!

  1. Deborah Snell

    hi, this vidio helped a lot, i have just bought my 1st wig but i am afraid
    to go out in it in the day, will it blow off in the wind??? or maybe move.
    i love your confidence and i think your wig off ebay really suits you,
    thanks. debbie?

  2. A Magic Solution Hair Solutions

    so glad to hear positive feedback on the Raquel Welch’s thanks a bunch I
    love your videos?

  3. Jan Richardson

    I love your videos. I am new to this wig thing, thinning hair right in
    front…I got my first wig today (the Raquel Welch Trendsetter), and of
    course, it’s not anywhere near what my real hair is in style or color & my
    family couldn’t deal with it. I KNEW I should have tried to get a style
    more like my real hair, but I got caught up in doing something different. I
    have very straight, fine hair, always in a bob. Learned my lesson, will
    follow your advice on my next one.?

  4. Veronica Taylor

    Nice Video also a wig wearer for over 30 Yrs. I have the Enigma from
    Rachel Welch looks the same as the Jackson. You look younger with the

  5. Sonya Lytle

    I think you look very pretty with your wigs. I too wear wigs, and have
    been for 4 years. I do because I don’t want the hassle of coloring my hair
    anymore. My hair wouldn’t take the color, and there would be places
    underneath that the color missed, or did not take. I buzz cut all of my
    hair off, and I do wear a wig cap, the color of the wig. For instance a
    black wig cap, under a red one, so that my natural hair color will not show
    through, since my natural color now is white. I also use wig tape to keep
    my wig in place. I put the tape usually on the back neckline. I usually
    need to trim my wigs, since I have a very tiny forehead. I have learned to
    do that myself, just remembering to start out very conservative, in not
    cutting a lot off. And I have gotten so many compliments also on my hair.
    And I love to see their faces when I tell them it’s a wig!?

  6. craftergm

    One of these days I will have to be wearing one myself my hair is thin and
    getting thinner. TFS the info. Gloria

  7. jlstew1105

    Very helpful, thanks! I was very self-conscious when I started wearing wigs
    but was even more self-conscious about my own hair being so thin. Wigs have
    helped my self-esteem so much. Decided to stop worrying about what other
    people thought & just enjoy wearing them & having easy great hair days!
    Thanks again!

  8. skooterbird

    Hi Joan Great tips and advice…. From you doing this tutorial I am sure
    you will give many woman the confidence to give them a try. Joan I think
    you are priceless…..Pat in Canada….

  9. hairfashionmom

    So true about people on tv wearing wigs, so many celebs do! Loved this
    video:) Oww, wig party, sounds like fun!


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