What Happens When You Donate Your Hair?

We followed a hair donation through the Wigs For Kids process to find out. Wigs for Kids is an organization that has been building self-esteem in children for over 35 years by providing…
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22 thoughts on “What Happens When You Donate Your Hair?

  1. Miss Pich Lifestyle

    Emotional! I cant imagine how life would be if a girl is bald. The society
    ‘s going to judge her. One day when my hair grow a bit longer, i’m going to
    donate! Who with me??

  2. MiniKronos SG

    Cute little girl but that wig was way too big for her, she needed something
    smaller. Shes what? 6 or 7 and her hair looks like it belongs to a 30 year
    old (which it does) but the idea of these wig company things is that it is
    made to suit the little girl and in my opinion they could have made it to
    suit her a little better. Still, she looks very nice and really cute :)?

  3. amysw1

    I got diagnosed with cancer last year and before I got my chemotherapy I
    cut my hair off and donated it too. Now I have a wig that I got for free
    from a fund that gives wigs with real hair to sick children here in Holland
    (It’s not made of my hair though). But I’m still really happy with it and
    it looks better than my own hair, it’s really shiny! :)?

  4. Jennifer Paz

    I really hate the fact that they throw away all that hair just because of
    some stupid rules. i dont think gray hair would hurt anyone, especially if
    they really wanted it. also, i would be devastaded to find that they threw
    away my hair?

  5. dogman683

    think of all the jealous black women that steals these wigs from these kids
    just bcuz theyre uncomfortable with their own hair :(?

  6. Christina Kleen

    Im a 13 year old girl and I shaved my head for cancer and let me tell u it
    changed me. Hopefully people will start realizing hair is not what makes
    you beautiful its how u treat other people?

  7. Cassandra Calderon

    Great cause. I donated my hair when I was in high school to the cause and
    it was worth it. I had to keep my hair clean, washed thoroughly, not dye it
    for an entire year, and keep it growing long. I was around 16-17 years old
    when I went to a salon that cut donators hair for free of charge, styled
    what was left of your hair for you. I remember my hair being more than
    19-21 ft long in length, so they ponytailed it all in on go, then cut above
    the band a few inches and wham it was done. It felt rewarding to me knowing
    that my hair went to being made into a wig for a little girl who could use
    it. So I was proud to have had my hair cut shorter to a boyish-pixie cut
    look in my junior year, it was for a great cause and greater hair donating.
    <3 ?

  8. WrinkleinTime42

    This was so touching!
    I’m planning on donating my hair. It’s just really curly ( soft , but
    frizzy ringlet curly) so have to grow it out a bit before I do. I really do
    want to do it though! Still growing it out, any tips? Thanks!?


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