White Girl Wearing Black Girl Wigs

Don’t be offended by the title. I try out two “black girl” wigs – the “Frencha” by Model Model and “Kloe” by Outre. I purchased both wigs with my own money a…

3 thoughts on “White Girl Wearing Black Girl Wigs

  1. Queen Bree

    Please don’t use tape or, glue , it will damage your hairline. If anything,
    use got2b ultra glued gel. It wipes off with soap. Use bobby pins on sides
    & back for security. Try to get ombre colors with lighter colors towards
    the ends since your natural hairline is dark or, try to sharpie marker, or
    mascara the lighter wigs at the roots. That way you can blend just a tiny
    bit of your natural hairline into the wig & it won’t be right on your
    forehead. Literally only just a bit. Try concealer/pressed powder in the
    parting area to make it more prominent or to extend it. Lastly, if a wig is
    humpy, try spraying it with water at the roots, & tie a bandana on it with
    the wig on your head. Most wigs are humpy until you stretch them. ?

  2. Angela Murphy

    I am a white girl that loves wigs and extensions. I’m glad you tried these
    wigs iv never had a lace front. I think the first one looks very cute and
    natural. but iv learned over the years that if you wear a wig that is
    closer to your every day hair and length that friend and family seem to
    think is real. the more drastic you go the less believable it is to the
    ones you know.?


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