Whose Line is it Anyway Questions with wigs

Whose Line is it Anyway   Questions with wigs

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25 thoughts on “Whose Line is it Anyway Questions with wigs

  1. Gina McIrish

    Search for ‘Truth Contest’ in Google and click on the 1st result, then
    click on the entry called ‘The Present.’ What it says will turn this world
    around if it reaches enough people. You will know what I mean when you read
    the first page. You do not have to believe it; you can know it.
    Change and save the world by changing and saving yourself.?

  2. HallowsReign23

    The funniest part had nothing to do with the game, when Colin switched
    sides at 1:08. That was funnier than the game. I love this show, but
    sometimes they just can’t come up with good stuff. I’m not at all saying I
    could do any better, but they are professional comedians…

  3. Dragon4eva

    0:24 “and play the character that the wig suggests” – Colin pulls out a
    bald mans wig and studies it thoughtfully…

  4. bestshowontheweb

    Animated shows require more production time than live action. Oh. That was
    a rhetorical question. … Awkwaaaaaarrrrrd.


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