Why You Rock Wigs Giveaway !.

Whats up Divas & Divos. It is contest giveaway time!!!! And we would like to know what made you start wearing wigs, why do you rock wigs. Thanks to Elevate Styles.com for sponsoring this giveaway contest! There is no need in styling a wig, putting on a wig, we just simply would like to know Why Do You Rock Wigs. Each of us have our own reasons for wearing hair, which to me is an accessory just like a purse, or some nice jewelry, but yet in still we all have our reasons of why we wear wigs. PRIZES: 1st Place 0 in Elevate Styles Bucks (0 store credit) 2nd Place 0 in Elevate Styles Bucks (0 store credit) 3rd Place in Elevate Styles Bucks ( store credit) The Winners will be announced on Tuesday November 29, 2011 on Youtube. YOU CAN HIT ME UP WITH ANY QUESTIONS AT Muffinismylovers@aol.com RULES: 1. You must be at least 18 yrs of age and older 2. You must post a video response to this video as well as post your Youtube video link on Elevate Styles Facebook page. 3. Please make sure your video is no longer than 6 minutes in length 4. Please submit all entries by November 27th 11:59 pm est Follow Elevate Styles on facebook and post your video linkwww.facebook.com Wanna stay up on the latest Fashion in Hair & More then check Elevate Styles out www.elevatestyles.com & use Coupon Code APRIL5 to receive an additional 5% off your total purchase! Amazing styles just added to the site as well as LOW LOW Lower prices. Don’t see what you want but would like Elevate

20 thoughts on “Why You Rock Wigs Giveaway !.

  1. HaTeRAiD3333

    SHE SAID: “The Winners will be announced on Tuesday November 29, 2011 on Youtube”



  2. suejack101

    Hi Diva…Started wearing big afro wigs in the early 70s and always kept 2-3 as part of my wardrobe/accessories. But now I have alopecia and keep my head bald, so I totally rock wigs…long or curly/winter and short/summer. Luv them, getting ready for my 1st Lace Front. You all have convinced me.

  3. MooreTina11285

    @muffinismylovers LoL IKR!!! I got his ass too!!! but i’ve been a lover of wigs sense!!! Love your videos girl!!! ya keep me sexy!!!

  4. nlovelace

    I love this! I’m not on Facebook, though… Can I still enter if I post a video response on YT, or would I be disqualified since I can’t post my video on Elevate Styles’ Facebook page as well? Thanks to you and Elevate Styles for hosting this!

  5. 1814dreadyhead

    Hey you guys i rock wigs because it give me a chance to be free. I can change my look from one to another and not care what anyone has to say. i have bought human and synthetic, long and short black and brown and no matter what i wear i make sure its rocked. Be you stay beautiful and remember its all about you loving the skin that you are in. Stay Beautiful my Sisters…peace.

  6. luvslife04

    I’ve been wearing them since I was 13 because my hair was really thick and too hard to comb and I didn’t want to be made fun of…..and it’s fun ; )

  7. indibabs122275

    I don’t know about wigs yet, still on the fence as I have never used one but like April said, I am afraid to cut my own hair. Its about 3″ above my tailbone and husband don’t want me to cut lol. So I am thinking .. but I know from what I have seen, April can rock ANY wig! She is the wig diva. She “do the dern thang”! I am afraid I will look “wiggy”. Where as miss April looks amazing in them!

  8. olderchick18

    Well it started with watching you and thomasadrianna and i heard about half wigs and i had to try one! Well my hair is short and falls out alot and i can’t do many styles that you can do with long hair. So I wear wigs straight or curly. I love to change it up depending on how im feeling that day or like if im going to a party or something. Wigs are so much fun! When i wear my kinky? curl afro people ask me if its my real hair and i love it!

  9. Divastylesvixen

    @cecinia23 its funny how ur only subcribed to 1814dreadyhead gurlll please he is a scamer and im putting it on blast so no hater here just expose those who are fake so take care and god bless u scammers out der


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