Wig Prep (Long Hair)

There’s a quicker and easier way to prep a head with long hair for a lace-front wig. This is part of our 4 part web series on all things wigs — check out the whole wig series!

18 thoughts on “Wig Prep (Long Hair)

  1. makeupfirstschool

    You? would prep the hair the same way, perhaps putting less hair in the pin curls and adding more braids with less hair, so the hair lays flatter against the head

  2. MsAnimeFreak3

    This is a great help to me, I am a? cosplayer and I have long hair and its hard to find way to keep my hair in a wig cap without it looking bulky! Thank you so much!

  3. makeupfirstschool

    If the wig prep and wig cap are not working, and you are correctly prepping your hair for the? wig, the only thing I can suggest is a bald cap and/or a larger wig!

  4. SakiWatari

    I’d like to ask a question if that’s okay. I have naturally black? hair and I need to wear a blonde wig for a skit. That’s challenging enough, but I also have a widow’s peak and a low hairline at my ears that the wig just will not cover! Do you happen to have any tips for concealing your hairline?

  5. LilGusher15

    This was a life saver. I have dress rehearsals this week for a show? and then we open on Friday. Thank you so much.

  6. Sara Childare

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  7. SakiWatari

    My word, what I? wouldn’t give ot have you do my hair for my upcoming costume competition… You made that look so easy!


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