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http://www.wigsbycc.com London: http://www.wigsbycc.com/#!london/cn67 Today I review a green synthetic lace front wig from Wigs by CC. Fantastic company with…
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19 thoughts on “Wig Review: LONDON – Wigs by CC

  1. GagaLanaBanks

    Hey can u make a tutorial on how to do gradient eyebrows or like half
    colored ones like Mathu Andersen had in the Marco Marco runway show ? ?????

  2. Jetaimetous

    I’ve said this before,but your shit is always next level. Your whole
    aesthetic always has me slapping my knee and raising a hand to heaven or
    something dramatic like that. I learned to keep a little bottle of spirit
    glue in my makeup kit after a client’s lace front was trying to free itself
    from their scalp. That wig was ready to go.

  3. adamerocky

    this didnt appear on my news feed D:< !! bitch this is EVERYTHiNG ! the color , the style, the makeup !! yes !!!!! <3 is it heat resistant or no ?


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